Styling it out….The vintage way


We just want to take a moment to talk about vintage styling and what it means for us. The vintage world is like a sweet shop. There are so many eras to choose from and within those eras there are many many styles.  The 1950’s wasn’t all about circle skirts and petticoats, just as the 1940’s wasn’t all victory rolls.

We’re always very touched when people comment on our style/ outfits or hair. But it isn’t always something that comes easily and for one of us in particular it can feel like a battle at times   (not with each other, we never do that)!


We both have a love for the 1930’s and 1940’s but we really enjoy experimenting with other era’s too, and I confess to having a little place in my heart for some 60’s and 70’s polyester at times.

But wearing true vintage, particularly from earlier eras can be tricky. It’s hard to find, and the choice of sizes can be very limited.

I often find that it’s much harder for me to find true vintage pieces to fit my shape and so I rely more heavily on reproduction. Although we are not polar opposites in size, we are a good 2 dress sizes apart and that definitely helps Lara to have a more authentic 40’s look.  However… don’t fall into the vintage snobbery trap, where only true vintage head to toe is acceptable. Vintage is inclusive to all, and if you love the cut or shape of an era but you can’t find an original piece to fit, we can give you a whole list of amazing retailers who produce beautiful garments, tailored right down to the smallest historical detail. Or others that produce gorgeous outfits ‘in the style of’ – anything goes in the vintage world.  We’ve listed some links to some of the websites at the bottom.

On to hair…Although we share a very similar colour, Lara’s hair is thicker, more malleable and easier to style. Mine is fine and straight. It can’t hold a curl for more than a day and is in danger of looking greasy and lank if I use too much product. It’s hard work styling it and it can be frustrating and disheartening at times. But I’m learning that it’s ok not to wear it in victory rolls or waves all the time. Women back in the 40’s had different hair types then too! So just go with what suits your face shape and your hairs styling ability. I’m currently sporting a very short bob! We love that together we create a great look and can show others that are interested in vintage that there are many ways to embrace it.

Some people will always seem more authentic than others. Some have more time and money to spend on their passion and others just love the look and feel of it. It’s NOT a competition. It’s about enjoying dressing in the eras we love, whether it’s all out head to toe, or those little touches that can turn a modern day outfit into a vintage styled look.

We admire many women (and men) for their vintage looks, and they all come in different shapes and sizes, wear different interpretations of the styles they love and just enjoy playing their part in the vintage world in their own ways…Just like us!

So…. Our top tips for vintage styling?

Wear what you love , enjoy it, experiment, never compare, and just be you!

Some of the online shops we love:

(Click on the links to view their ranges)

The House of Foxy has beautiful pieces – you can even view their range by decade on their website: House of Foxy

Seamstress of Bloomsbury has a beautiful range of authentic looking dresses and separates: The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

Rock n Romance stock other brands as well as their own fabulous items. Our favourite Hawaiian vintage style dresses are from here: Rock ‘n’ Romance

Vivien of Holloway – A beautiful range of 1940’s and ’50’s style dresses – we love her tea dresses in particular : Vivien of Holloway

Pretty Retro are linked to House of Foxy but have a more ‘affordable’ range – we both shop here often!: Pretty Retro

Heyday are another brand that produce very authentic reproductions: Heyday

And for shoes….. the ultimate reproduction footwear comes from Rocket Originals – their styles and ranges vary each season. If you have your eye on a pair don’t hesitate! (They also have a Etsy page that is worth keeping an eye on) Rocket Originals


The VT’s


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